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Moving Yoke

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Moving Yoke

Trying to resolve errors in manufacturing engineering was developed by the Japanese as a tool for error correction to help reduce waste in areas such as time, energy and resources. The idea emphasized in the production of zero defects as part of a quality toolkit to avoid human errors. Although it Poka Yoke applies differently in different situations, the common thread that binds them all is their simplicity, but uses small tools at the time of generation expected error itself.

Empowerment of employees as a tool for development Poka Yoke

The beautiful part of error proofing is the empowerment of workers to identify, suggest ways out and implementing the plan to pave the cause of the error he is the focal point. In fact, one of a manager to an employee of the line may be allowed to complete the test planning error. It applies to all other areas, including commercial transactions, in the same way.

How The activities can be foolproof?

Failure is simply tests administered by the presence of mind. Sometimes it happens that an employee of ads a flaw in the way of doing things in their section or line. In general, exposure to multiple aspects such as job content and enforcement procedures to allow the worker to think of ways to rectify the error.

One who has realized the error, come with suggestions to eliminate the errors of the methods simpler. Empowered environments fuel the enthusiasm of the employees, which ultimately results in success.

Let's have different simple examples. Colgate Palmolive is losing market share to a producer of rival toothpaste and people in their marketing department could hardly help reverse the trend, despite their best efforts. This was until an employee in the packing department once suggested "simplistic idea that ultimately, has shown results. The employee proposed enlargement of the tubes' of openness, which increased the amount of paste released each time the consumer wanted brush.

Where does error correction figure into the equation in this case? The error was not in the manufacturing, packaging or product quality, but in how they market. The marketing focused around an emphasis on quality and not quantity of consumers to use, that it was irrelevant in the absence of strong competition.

Elimination of error is not necessary to have complex solutions that consume time and resources. Simple solutions can sometimes be achieved by those working in the workshop. Consider another example in which significantly explains Poka Yoke. Take a small error in the assembly of the feathers, like a forgotten spring for the operation of the writing tip by a button on the top of the pen. An employee of the Assembly has not forgotten, if he gave all the components in groups instead of each party, such as docks, fills etc. separately.

The simplicity of Poka Yoke

Obviously, Poka Yoke is quite simple. This is not to spend huge sums of money, time and procedures complex. Use to make the best use of the human mind power. If used continuously with the aim of eliminating many small errors, the result can be wonderful.

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