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Microphone Mic Mike

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Microphone Mic Mike
Why is the microphone in a Cessna 172R labeled 'Mike', instead of the correct abbreviation 'mic'?

Are the interior detailers at Cessna idiots?
Thanks Nick@Night. As you obviously work for Cessna, why don't you atleast attempt to answer the question. Aviation is supposed to be a very professional industry but an obvious and glaring spelling mistake by the worlds largest light aircraft manufacturer leaves me wondering what other mistakes they have made.
'Are we talking about this crap for a reason?' John B. If you didn't answer it you wouldn't be talking about it!

That's a good point. Some terms change over time, and spellings too vary from their original form to ones more recognizable for public acceptance. One example that comes to mind is the original "Duct Tape". But duct is not a common term with the public, and most people say "duck." So tape manufacturers label the tape as "Duck Tape." Maybe the design engineers had user friendly terms in mind when they labelled the mic. Part of the dumbing down of America I guess.

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