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Mercury Magnetics

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Mercury Magnetics

All of us, at one time or another, felt silly yet compelled to write our first name along side the first name of someone who we romantically desired. After that, you may have shaped a heart around your names wishfully thinking it would seal your fate together.

YouÂ’ll be glad to learn that this stringing of names together was exactly the right thing to do. Sealing your fate by shaping a heart around it, before you knew what that fate would be, was not. HereÂ’s why.

I call two names strung together a “name phrase”. For example, TOM AND JERRY, and ROMEO AND JULIET are two separate name phrases.

Name phrases are potent, and very powerful entities in and of themselves. A name phrase when written, spoken, or thought of, carries with it a frequency of sound vibrations. When you strung your names together side by side you were instinctively listening to how well your names sounded when spoken together. Sound has the power, under the universal laws of magnetics, to attract and to manifest into matter.

  • You can learn what will manifest into matter from your relationship with someone by breaking down your name phrase to its lowest form.
  • To break you name phrase down; you form all the other possible words that can be made using only the letters that are comprised in your name phrase.
  • The words that you discover are your name phrasesÂ’ children. These children-words can then be darned together into poetic verses to tell a story of startling truth about your relationship with this other person.
  • Like for example, I found the words, MANY ADORE A MAN-MADE TEAM locked inside the name phrase of the renowned cartoon characters, “TOM AND JERRY”. Also hidden inside the name phrase are the words that say “TOM A TAMED DEMON, JERRY A RODENT. If you are a Tom and Jerry fan, then you know that Tom is the domesticated cat who is always looking to eat Jerry the house mouse. Do you see how the children-words told a known truth about Tom and Jerry?

    It should come to no surprise that one should find the words AN ARDENT DUO ENDURE A DIRE END in the name phrase of ROMEO AND JULIET. So you see, it really wasnÂ’t a silly thing to do stringing your first name along side the first name of the one your heart desired. You just didnÂ’t know that the words hidden within your name phrase could be discovered in your wonder and listened to with a different ear. The words hidden inside your name phrase will startle you, warn you, or please you, and they will always tell you a story of unerring truth. Your relationships donÂ’t have to be a mysteriously sealed fate.

    In the word phrase SOUL MATES hides the words AT LAST. Now isnÂ’t this what weÂ’re all seeking? That one person we can feel a deep and meaningful connection...someone who we think weÂ’ve known before. A someone, who for a lifetime, will be our TEAM MATE.

    Yet we all STEAM and MELT too fast. We get LOST in LUST, and USE MOTELS TO MOLEST A MATE. Then we go on TO ASSUME LOTS only to LOSE A LOT, and then MOUE (pout).

    We need to TAME before we MATE, so we donÂ’t HAVE TO TUSSLE A LOST ASSET. We need to LET A TALE SAUTEÂ’. Than we can SOLUTE and MATE with our SOLE TEAM MATE after a MALT and a MEAL.

    I found my SOUL MATE, and I know you want yours too. But how do we know weÂ’ve found them? Well, for starters...

    LETÂ’S SET OUT TO MUSE (engage in meditation) A SEAL

    ...like the phrase SOUL MATE unlocked is telling us to do. MUSE A SEAL. Meditate on your words. Hmmm? What words are SEALed in your names together?

    Brian Kahanek - Mercury Magnetics' room - Amp Show 2008

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