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Marching Snare

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Marching Snare

The tenor drum is one of the drums used by many American bands. Although now most commonly found in parades and at football grounds during the halftime show, this instrument has been used since the mid 19th century by a variety of composers. This is a minor variant of tone of the box, another marching band staples. In the field, the tenor drum is easily recognized, because it leads mounted in groups of three to six drums. This configuration allows the musician payable drums simultaneously, adding to the richness of the percussion.

Tenor drums are played with a variety of instruments, all a form of mallet or drumstick. The heads of these palettes can be a variety of materials including wood, plastic, nylon, felt, rubber or leather. Tenor drum patches are usually as taut possible the creation of a relatively high-pitched sound that is very effective in outdoor situations.

As mentioned, the drums are made and played tenor sets. The name of a group generally refers to the number of drums has a "quad" for example, consists of four drums. Each drum in a set is a different diameter and thus produces a different tone of sound. Both the volume and variety of the tenor drum make it a valuable addition to the marching bands. A group can have up to six tenor drum players, each of which can carry up to six drums for a total of thirty-six instruments. Tenor drums are usually used to accent drums but also add melodic percussion.

A set of four tenor drums are usually organized so that the drum is lower in the player left, the second lowest is in its extreme right, the second highest is on his left middle and the highest is on the right half. When a tenor drum is played, fell near the edge of the head. This technique allows the drum project optimum resonance and tone. In terms of technique which governs the change of a drum to Next, there are two primary systems. The most common is to allow the sticks to move through the battery in a straight line. This style reduces the amount of space the player must travel through, accelerating their implementation. The other system dictates that the player follows an "arc" of a drum to the next. The arc system was more common in the early days of the tenor drum and is rarely used.

The use of tenor drums in marching band, probably attributable to their traditional use of military drums. In these situations, the Re instruments used for timekeeping, and musical effects. In a military drum, three drum Under used: the flourishing tenor, which is characterized by dramatic player leg movements, high tenor, played in tandem with the bass drum and tenor of rhythm, that is used to accentuate the drum part.

Travis Barker marching snare

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