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Luthier Guitar

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Luthier Guitar
What is needed to become a Guitar Luthier?

I was thinking that I may be intrested in becoming a guitar technician (Luthier). I was wondering how somebody goes about becoming one. Would you have to go to college or a private institution? Is there a minimum requirement of education to study on this? Really, anything anyone knows about becoming a Luthier would help. Thanks.

If you make great instruments, nobody is going to care where you went to college.

There are lots of vocational schools where you can learn the basics in short courses around two to six months long.

However, to really make great instruments and become a well known luthier whose instruments are sought by professionals, you should get an apprenticeship under a master luthier and learn the fine points of the craft.

After starting your own shop, you can begin to develop your own technique and flair, and hopefully create a unique sound that makes all of your instruments full of character and immediately identifiable.

Fretboard Radius Jig Luthier Guitar Project

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