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Light Show

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Light Show

As much as most of us gamers like light shows, we hate seeing 3 red lights on our Xbox 360. The appearance of these 3 lights, as pretty as they are, are a sign of a general hardware failure and this isn't a good thing. Here are a few helpful tricks on how to fix broken Xbox 360 red light show.

First ensure that you only have 3 red lights flashing on your Xbox 360. If you have a fourth light appearing, this is a sign that a video and audio cable isn't secured properly. If the cable is plugged back in all snug and tight and properly I might add, the flashing 4th light will go out.

Often times the red lights appear if your Xbox is left running for extended periods of time and isn't given the ample time to cool down. This happens because the components in your system overheat, if this happens, turn off your Xbox, unplug all the cables and let it cool down for at least 2 hours in a shady cool area.

The red lights may also be an indication of not enough power getting to the power supply. To fix this, plug the power cord into it's own dedicated outlet, not shared with any other plugs.

You may also check online to find a guide to on how to fix broken Xbox 360 yourself. This is a much cheaper and faster alternative to shipping it back to Microsoft for repairs, which will on average set you back about $140.00 and a month to a month and half without your Xbox.

Tech people from all over the world have realized that the Xbox 360 is extremely vulnerable to the 3 red light error on their machines, and they have mastered how to fix broken Xbox 360 to get them up in running in short periods of time.

You paid enough money to Microsoft for your system, why give them more money for something they are well aware of, fix it yourself with a system that teaches you how to fix Xbox 360 yourself.

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