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Knowing how to read guitar tabs is as important as your fretting exercises. For beginners, it will look complex but to be able to learn to play guitar it is necessary to understand tabs. Some may comment that this is not significant but expert guitarists and those who are serious about their career view reading tabs a very essential part of music. It may sound difficult but don't worry because in due time you will learn to play guitar effortlessly and thanks to many online contributors there are now varying forms available to learn how to study tablature the easiest way. So here are some concepts to take note in understanding the guitar tablature.

The staff of the guitar tab is composed of six horizontal lines where the bottom line is represented by lowest "E" and the next to the bottom is the "A" string. There are also number representations in each line which tells you what tab to fret. An example is the number "0" meaning you should play an open string. Now, this is only the basic of reading guitar tab.

When a guitar tab is showing vertically stacked numbers, this means that all the notes should be played at once or in guitarist term strung all the strings at the same time. But when the notes are shown diagonally, chords will be played one at a time or strung the string individually. Usually, a chord name is also shown in the tab to identify it easily.

There also a few symbols that you will notice on a guitar tablature. Here are the most common ones that you should be familiar of. The "h" symbol meaning hammer on, "p" for full off or the "^" symbol which means you can either hammer on or pull off. Another set of symbols are "b" for bent to, "r" for return of bent. A "/" symbol is for an ascending slide while "\" means descending slide. Some other miscellaneous signs include "v" for vibrato but it can also be noted as "~" or "~~~". String mute is noted as "x". The "t" meant tapping with right hand. Lastly, the symbols "" are used for harmonics.

These are only the basic concepts of reading a tablature. In order to learn to play guitar, you must know these and apply in your guitar lessons. As mentioned above, serious guitarists do not take reading guitar tablature for granted.

By doing so, you do not only enhance your guitar skills but you will also be able write notes.

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