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learn electric guitar

The electric guitar is one of the most powerful musical instruments today. It dominates every popular genre and style of music in the modern world. The sheer flexibility of the electric guitar in terms of volume, tone and sound quality makes it an ultimate musical instrument.

The electric guitar is an instrument of power or finesse, of speed or subtlety, but definitely, it is an instrument of musical glory. For those people who would want to learn how to play the electric guitar, here are some noteworthy tips:

1. Use a nylon guitar first

If one is thinking about learning how to play a guitar by using an electric guitar, he should think about it twice. If one is just learning how to play the guitar, he shouldnÂ’t do it with an electric guitar. Electric guitars use steel strings which can be very uncomfortable for beginners. Besides, learning the basics from an acoustic guitar teaches one to use a holistic guitar playing approach rather than relying on the effects and features of an electric guitar. Electric guitar playing should come subsequently after learning how to play using an acoustic guitar.

2. Know your electric guitar

If one already knows how to play a guitar and is thinking of buying an electric guitar, he should know the different features and qualities of the electric guitar. The same thing goes for people who are using an old electric guitar. Playing with the knobs and controls of the electric guitar will give one an idea of how to mix everything properly to be able to get an optimal sound. Electric guitars are not plug-and-play instruments, they require a lot of sensitivity in terms of mixing sounds and tones together.

3. Buy a decent amp

An expensive electric guitar will sound crappy on low quality amps on any given day. When getting an electric guitar amp, make sure to test the amp at the store. If possible, turn all the knobs to the highest value and listen to the sound that the amp will produce. There are also amps out there that have a built-in distortion option which can be switched on and off. This feature is especially useful for people who have no money to buy an effects box since a distortion feature is the most essential for any electric guitar.

4. Buy a decent effects box

An effects box is a great tool to have when playing an electric guitar. One can make all sorts of sounds using an effects box. The basic tones that one should look for in an effects box are: good distortion sounds, chorus, reverb, amp simulator and easy adjustments modules.

5. Get durable cables

Cables are also an integral part of the whole electric guitar system. Cheap and low quality cables are not worth investing into because they will wear out soon.

6. Listen to electric guitar tracks

A great way to holistically grasp the basics of electric guitar playing is to listen to great electric guitar classics. Many lessons are learned just by listening to different riffs and tunes that are produced from electric guitars.

Electric guitars are somewhat different from unplugged guitars. There are skills that are needed to play the electric guitar properly aside from the basic ones. Practice is always the best way to learn how to play the electric guitar.

Electric Guitars : Learning Electric Guitar

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