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kids guitar

Are there More Talented Kids Nowadays or Do We Just Have Improved Teaching Methods?

If you look around on the Internet, you will be seeing a handful of kids who are very much fluent with their guitar strings; and not just the chords but in plucking as well. These findings are really amazing to watch and you cannot help but feel proud also of these savants; but you will also wonder if their talent is pure or is this because we are in a more modern-age?

Back then, playing guitar riffs required lots of schooling and for more complicated pieces, perfecting a melody will come at around age 12 or 13. But if you look at kids now, 5 to 8-year old children can easily play a Led Zep guitar solo, without a sweat. You get to wonder, as you watch closely, how he actually attained to become such a genius with his guitar.

1. Exposure: Exposure to information of topic and classification in any country can be easily accessed by children nowadays. Kids tend to get smarter by the day and you will be surprised how knowledgeable they are about topics that seem to interest them. With a lot of information, kids easily understand and are aware of music in different genres and categories that their familiarity with octaves, chords, and note combinations are easier to pick up and eventually play in a guitar once they’ve learned the basic skill. Back then, guitar schools depended plainly on print flyers to find their targets; but now, the combination of both having flyer printing and a website doubles the chances to get new enrollees for their services.

2. Games: Video games back then were not as complex and interesting as the ones kids play with now. Guitar Hero, one very popular game today, makes you learn how to play guitar but with the use of buttons instead of strings. Although the execution is not like the actual act of guitar playing, the game develops speed and timing that linking a music piece to their reflexes comes out naturally after reaching a certain stage or level of the game. This practice influences the younger generation to picture guitar playing as hip and cool that developing an interest would be likely. When the actual instrument is given to them, being able to play with the strings will only require a few adjustments from the Guitar Hero button pressing to strumming and plucking movements.

3. Computer-generated Teaching Methods: With easy access on the Internet, finding new and more user-friendly guitar teaching programs will not be difficult to find. Here, new lesson strategies, tricks, and even quizzes are provided for a quicker way to develop guitar playing skills. Kids, in general, spend lots of time on the Internet and even with just having the slightest interest in guitars; they can easily develop and deepen their interest through these guitar teaching websites.

It is good to know that children can very well execute playing the guitar; whether reasons are because they are properly exposed or just plain geniuses in their craft, the act of actually making use of technology and information supplied and independently transforming into music is still very admirable.

Guitar Tips For Kids: "Guitar Tune: # 1" Video Lesson.

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