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Keyboard Controller

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Keyboard Controller
How do I know if my laptop keyboard driver is working?

I get no error in the BIOS but the keyboard is dead. First, some of them packed up and now it has. In the Device Manager in windows' ketboards' sample 'HID keyboard device. Does This keyboard driver that works and the keyboard is defective or not? Thanks in advance for any help. No. The keyboard does not work at all at any time. Theres no light caps so I'm trying to determine the time of your controller or keyboard. If your driver then save the bad £ 40 for a keyboard to put a new motherboard. Holy G. His head cock!

Easiest way to find out is to press or or telling you whan you start your kbd If the machine is BEFORE the system op is loaded, then it is a problem with the system hardware could be the keyboard connector or you can connect an external keyboard may have to be USB if the outside does not work system board is most likely a problem KB controller is built into the laptop GL: -0

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