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jobs guitar
i want an electric guitar but need money any jobs for 13 year olds?

i want an electric guitar but need money, i get £20 per month from my granddad and £10 from my mom + dad but i have spent all my money on school stuff, stuff for friends and the summer fair but need to get £97 for the guitar. it's on ebay but luckily it's a buy it now item and has been there for a few months now and i need it so my band can get going. please can you give me job suggestions for 13 year olds that isn't a paper girl?

Bake some biscuits and sell them at school if you are allowed to do so. Why not offer to mow lawns with your parents permission , there is lots of stuff you can do. Make cupcakes and sell them as well. Stop buying gifts for everyone and save your money for something your really want. Good luck:)


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