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Jim Dunlop

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Jim Dunlop

So you own a Subaru and want to know how to care for him, or perhaps you'd like to own a Subaru. Well, this article you find 6 tips to prolong the life of your Subaru and improve overall performance.

A Subaru is like any other car, (although the real Subaru enthusiasts will say the opposite), and certain maintenance routines should be exploited to keep ticking over that baby. When you find that your Subaru is running slow or not working as it should keep in mind the following as a checklist:

Fuel lines to isolate

Subaru, like any other cars, achieve higher levels of engine power when the temperature of the combustion of fuel in the chamber is cool. By isolating the fuel line allowing for more fuel and air entering the combustion chamber. The easiest method to do this is through Using air conditioning or refrigerator insulation available in the hardware store.

Less weight means more power

It may sound obvious, but many people underestimate the value of weight loss of Subaru cars. Before going down your Subaru extracting vital engine parts I suggest you start in the trunk where get dumped on many useless things in time. In so doing, are reducing the load on your Subaru is taking over and making a small fuel economy over a long period of time.

Oil Change

No rocket science here, just common sense. Many Subaru owners do not change the engine oil when due and make unnecessary engine wear. Ideally, the oil must be changed in the Subaru cars every 4,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on foot, how heavy is your pedal.

Spotless Air Filter

Okay, perhaps not perfect, but reasonably clean. Take the air filter every time you look under the hood and clean the dust or other bodies strangers who may have accumulated in the air filter. Ideally, an air hose should be used when cleaning the air filter in Subaru cars.

Get That gap law

What am I talking about here? Spark plugs. Make sure the gap on the plugs ignition is the correct spacing. This may seem a small concern, but could make a difference in power you get from your car. To the right space just check the owners of Subaru cars' manual.

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