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ion smart

The marker Smart Parts Ion paintball gun is a high quality electron a little more than the average price of entry-level package. This price tag, comes with many advantages and some disadvantages and the items you want to catch up in May. Although it is preferable to start playing paintball in a mechanical marker, once ready to mount electronics, ion is an excellent investment that will not leave you broke.

Feedneck - Shares under the Ion Feedneck Smart Parts is perhaps the most negative. There have been numerous user complaints about the inability to properly adjust your feeders to Feedneck. The best solution is to replace Ion Feedneck standard as soon as possible. If you choose a clamping Feedneck to replace the stock on their wings, you should have no problems after that.

Barrel - Stocks ion gun powder is finished, some people do not like the look, and barrels of others who have a high gloss finish. Do not be fooled you see, however, the performance of the stock barrel is surprisingly good. Occasionally you may run across a barrel of the actions that took too Coating dust and can be applied are within pistol through the gun ports. If this is the case of his marker dust the inside of the barrel with a rifle or shotgun barrel cleaner. Powder itself is rather rough and without, to suffer its accuracy. Once the interior is clean, is ready to rock and roll. Although most people prefer to update regardless of, Smart Parts Ion Barrel really decent accuracy for a stock barrel.

Regulator - For most, a Ion regulatory preform very well. Sometimes people are known to have a clock controller failure and is not uniform. Obviously this is a problem with the manufacturer. If you going to get a bad regulator, be sure to contact the manufacturer, especially if you have purchased the new marker.

- Trigger The trigger for the ion is strong and ruthless. It takes time to get used to, and without practice May traction difficult. The trigger itself is plastic which means it can and occasionally break. The magnets that come with the trigger action is very strong and have a hard tug. You can choose to update the trigger with an after of the market or spend some time to adjust to your liking.

A marker of high end electronics virtually at the level of input prices, the Smart Parts Ion is an excellent deal. The polymer body resists the abuse and is proving very robust. Probably there are some changes you want to do after purchasing your Ion, but so many people which is half the fun there. Make sure a new Feedneck is one of the last level your first time and you can enjoy many years of diffusion of painting.

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