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ion names

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ion names

Determine the names of chemicals can be a daunting task unless they have a system to help keep things in order. The first thing you do not want to do is memorize a lot of things. Memory should be minimized.

You will learn the chemical names and creating through repetition and practice. Thus must remember to have all the best practices for naming chemicals.

Strategy # 1 Know the Periodic Table

You should know the periodic table and how it is structured. All chemical names are based on element names, to know them well and keep a table periodic hand.

Strategy # 2 Know the polyatomic ion

Many chemicals are composed of a polyatomic ion and a metal or two polyatomic ions. Therefore, it is useful to have a handy list of common polyatomic ions.

Strategy # 3 Know the elements and their ions is very useful to know its main elements and their ions or oxidation numbers. In especially for ionic compounds because its load must be balanced to zero.

Strategy # 4 Know the metal multiple charges

Many metals have more than one possible charge, so you have a list of these metal ions and their names to help with the appointment chemicals.

Strategy # 5 Most remember chemical names are binary

Remember that most chemical names are binary, meaning they have both sides. Both parties in May consists of an element with an element, an element with a polyatomic ion, or two polyatomic ions.

Strategy # 6 must balance the ionic charges

In ionic compounds the burdens of ions must balance to zero. So add the negative to positive ions disappear.

Strategy # 7 Most of the substances Metal Goes First

When you type the name of the chemical first acts more metal, less metal is second. Remember elements of the left semi-metals and metals are the elements on the right are nonmetals.

While these strategies will enhance their ability to name the compounds chemicals, the most important thing you can do is practice. Like any other skill is the only practical way to improve.

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