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ion exchange

This package is a replacement battery 4800mAh Compaq, 11.10, rechargeable, removable Li-ion battery designed to work with Dell Latitude E4300. The battery of high quality equal to or exceeding original manufacturer specifications for title = "Dell Latitude E4300 Battery"> Dell Latitude E4300 battery in quality, durability and performance. The Li-Ion batteries do not suffer the memory effect. Usually last between 300-500 charge and discharge. All laptop batteries are tested 100% assurance of quality control. This Battery XX327 Dell Latitude E4300 includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money guarantee and fast delivery on all our products.

DELL 312-0823 can replace laptop batteries in the following part number:

312-0823 notebook battery is compatible with the following models:

Latitude E4300

title = "Dell Inspiron Series> Dell Inspiron Design
The Latitude E4300 is designed to travel in style. With the magnesium alloy construction quality, finishes higher Painting length robust metal hinges, the new Latitude E4300 is more durable than ever. Dell Latitude Ultra-portable laptops also feature in Exclusive Innovations such as progress on ™ Dell Latitude, Dell ControlPointTM software, and Dell Slim-line AC / Auto / Air adapter to maximize productivity on the road.

Instant Connectivity
Enjoy instant access to emails, calendar and internet with the new module on Dell Latitude ™ by communication. Dell Latitude ON enables bi-directional remote access to Microsoft Exchange data at the touch of a button without booting or waking your Complete Portable reduce energy consumption and prolong battery life.
Peace of Mind
Rest assured that your Dell Latitude laptop computer and data your company, are secure and protected anywhere in the world. Dell offers a wide range of laptop security and data protection options that can be integrated easily into their existing infrastructure, including:

Dell ControlVaultTM managing security credentials
The multi-factor authentication through optional integrated smart card reader contact Trusted Platform Module 1.2 and biometric fingerprint reader option
Solid State Drive technology to improve data protection
Dell Mobile Asset Protection services1 to help maximize uptime while protecting your investment with battery Service1 prolonged duration and Monitoring Recovery1
Dell Mobile Data Protection services1 include remote data Delete1, hard disk data and destruction Recovery1 Certified Data services1. With these optional services, Dell can remotely delete your sensitive data, prevent potential loss of valuable data, certify destruction of data or recover data from a failed hard drive without backup. http://www.laptop-battery.org.uk/laptopbattery/dell/latitude E4300-batteries-1001668.htm

The ultimate team player, Latitude Ultra-Portable laptop can be managed virtually anywhere in the world by a single professional. With imaging and management tools such as Dell ImageDirect and Dell Client Manager also help simplify systems management and free up IT resources to focus on more strategic business challenges. Latitude Ultra-portable laptops also work with all e-family of portable docking solutions.

Ion Exchange Process

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