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Instrument Cable Neutrik

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Instrument Cable Neutrik
Help me with buying guitar amp and effects pedal?

My equipment is as follows:

Shure Beta 58A Microphone
Ibanez S520EX electric guitar
Digitech RP50 Effects Pedal

I want:

Mogami High Definition 25' Instrument Cable (2 for $50 each - Guitar --> Effects Pedal --> Amp)
Phonic Power Pod 740D/SEM715 PA System ($400 - 440W from 2 speakers)
Mogami Quad Mic Cable for Studio Neutrik XLR ($56 - For plugging in my mic to the PA system)

I'm looking for a GOOD quality amp (half-stack, tube amp?) and a good effects pedal (I looked at the Boss ME-50 and it's not the right pedal for me). Also, the price range I'm looking for is not above $600 for the amp and not above $350 for the effects pedal.

I would urge you to take a look at The Pod XT (made by Line 6) for effects...it's $300...the XT Live is $400, worth the extra $100 as it is a floor unit - every effect known to man, and you can also download sounds that other people have created with it and posted online...check it out at your guitar store (assuming you haven't already, it's kind of the obvious choice). A pro session guitarist I met told me he hated the original Pod, thought it sounded tinny, but really likes the XT and thinks it is a huge improvement.
I'm partial to the Marshall amp sound...but with the gadget above, you can make an Ibanez through a Fender amp sound like a Les Paul through a Marshall amp and vice-versa. I've used pretty much the same Fender amp for >15 years and it's still humming along, so I guess that speaks well on the quality question - good luck and keep rockin -

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