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Ibanez Gio

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Ibanez Gio
What would be a good distortion pedal to get for an Ibanez Gio?

What do you guys think would be a good distortion pedal for an Ibanez Gio guitar? Include prices if possible.

Depends what kind of sound you're looking for, and what kind of amp you're using. If you want a not too extreme overdriven sound, the tubescreamer is a popular choice, but I find it only sounds good through a tube amp. The Digitech Screamin' Blues is a great pedal, a little grittier than the TS, and can get a little heavier, although still not extreme. For classic rock distortion, the Boss DS-1 is probably the standard, although there are tons of different pedals out there. If you do want an extreme sound, the Boss MT-2 is a good choice.


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