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Humbucker Black

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Humbucker Black

Ibanez was one of the starting non-USA guitar makers to establish that superior guitar construction can happen outside of North America. From John Scofield to Steve Vai, Ibanez devotees are everywhere. Ibanez has a well-earned reputation for developing good sounding, nice playing instruments at a cheap price. While their best guitars are still created in Japan, Ibanez recently has begun to outsource some of the lower-end models to South Korea, and the final results have been superb overall. One of their most best-selling instruments is the speed-inducing RG350DX. Let's see what makes this instrument as sought after as it is.

When you begin to play an RG350DX, the first detail you'll observe is how fast the neck is. Along with Carvin, Ibanez makes some of the best, fastest  necks you'll ever shred upon. The thin, 3-piece Wizard II neck allows for simple speed. Lightning fast licks  flow with little effort. Outfitted with 24 jumbo frets, you'll be engaging vast sonic landscapes at godlike speeds in very little time.

Regarding a variety of sounds, the RG350DX covers much of audio landscape for a shred-based guitar. The Infinity Single3, Infinity 3 neck humbucker, and Infinity 4 bridge humbucker allow for a deep diversity of tones, although as you might expect, they stand out at shred-based tones.

The RG350DX includes the solid Edge III tremolo that allows amazing whammy technique that returns to impeccable tuning each time. If you're not accustomed to adjusting a Floyd-licensed tremolo, it can unquestionably be a hassle, particularly if you're experimenting with alternative tunings, but for most "normal" playing, you shouldn't encounter any issues.

The Ibanez RG350DX ships equipped with a white finish on its basswood body that contained not a single deficiency as far as we could see. The black hardware and sharktooth inlays perfect the cosmetic picture and definitely let players know that this is an instrument that offers a serious musical playing experience.

We don't want to brand the RG350DX a "budget" instrument because we do not want people to question its superb craftsmanship. Ibanez would be warranted in charging double what they do for this instrument. Get one before they decide to do just that!

Mint FENDER Squier SHOWMASTER (eBay # 250385219367) Silver w/Black STRAT Dual-Humbuckers/24 FRETS

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