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Horse Hair

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Horse Hair

Creating your own memories.

Why make your own horse hair Bracelet? I have been a crafty kind of Cowgirl my entire life. In fact I think that most Cowgirls have had to learn to be somewhat crafty. There is just about nothing a true Cowgirl cannot ride, make happen, repair and there is truly nothing they cannot make.

I started making my own horse hair items about 25 years ago. I thought "Why Not" make my own Horse Hair Jewelry. I was always trimming tails anyway.

If you are a crafty person, you will love making your own horse hair creations. It is just plain fun to see what you can come up with. One thing is for certain, it will be your own creation made to remind you of one or your most precious friendships. Not to mention that you new creation will provide a tribute to the deep spiritual connection between you and your most favorite steed. Using your own creative style, it certainly will be unique and one-of-a kind.

Second of all, you will want to learn how to make your own jewelry items to save a little cash for some other horse adventures, like a new saddle. I have had numerous, perhaps dozens of favorite horses over the years and it does get costly paying for a new item to be made for each horse's Hair. So at some point, you might want to learn how to make your own horse hair jewelry as well.

What about all those favorite horses? What have you done with all that hair that you have stock piled in your keepsake box to make something out it on the next rainy day? Is today your rainy day? After 50 years in the horse business, I have outlived most of the horses that I have owned and now looking back, I wish that I would have actually saved a lot more of the hair.

With just a little effort, you will find that it is fairly easy to make a simple Key chain or zipper pull from horse hair. It only takes a little practice to make a bracelet.

However, don't be like me and procrastinated until it was too late to collect enough hair to make a nice piece of jewelry. You actually need a lot more hair then you would think. Making a piece of Jewelry from your own horse is a great reward for yourself. It is the one thing that creates a memorable bond that you get to wear with great pride and as a tribute to your love for your horse. Just like your horse, your new piece of jewelry can never be replaced. Your new creation will be a treasure that you will adore and others will admire.

Lasting treasure

I once had a Cowboy send in bunches of horse hair from 4 different horses. The horses did not belong to him; they all belonged to his wife. The horses were all getting older and he was having the bracelet made for an anniversary gift.

We made a beautiful 4 strand bracelet out of the hair, one strand to remember each horse. She thought it was the greatest, kindest, most thoughtful gift that she could have ever received. She said it was a great way for her to remember each one of the horses that she loved so very much.

Shortly after, one of the horses died, and since then she has emailed me several times to thank us. So if you have someone that is close to you that loves horses, making such a personalized item for them is not only a way that they will get to remember the bond that they have with their horse, but trust me, they will never forget the gift you gave to them as well.

My whole point is, once they are gone, it will be too late. I never get over the loss of one of my own horses, and I am sure that you do not either. So collect the hair while they are still eating way to much hay, dropping oats everywhere, taking you on long summer rides and being your greatest friend. Your relationship with your horse is a life-long bond that can never be broken, so why not create something of your own to remember them by, unfortunately, they will not be here forever.

If you need more help in creating your new master piece, Knot-A-Tail does sell a kit with complete instructions to make 4 strand Horse Hair Bracelet, extra hair and enough hardware to make two bracelets. If you are interested in the "Make Your own Horse Hair bracelet kit," stop by Knot-a-tail

Feel free to take a look at our custom page for some ideas to make your own.

I certainly hope you will take the time to create a forever memory.

Create The Bond And Save The Memories

Once you start making those new Horse Hair items, you will want to learn how to take care of your new treasures. Knot-A-Tail offers a complete Free eBook on the Care of your Horse Hair Products.

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