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Hollow Body Guitar

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Hollow Body Guitar
I want to buy a hollow body guitar, I have the following questions?

Can you put acoustic guitar strings on a hollow body

If so will it make it louder and what sound will it give it

Your question is misleading. If you mean to say that you want to buy a hollow body electric guitar or acoustic electric guitar, I think I can begin to answer your question.

If you are thinking of putting nylon strings on a hollow body electric, or acoustic electric, they will not work with most of the pickups that are normally installed on those guitars. They do make a classical style acoustic electric guitar that has pickups specifically designed for nylon strings however, and you may want to look at one of those.

If you are talking about putting bronze wounds or Bronze Phosphor strings, they will not be nearly as effective as nickel steel strings. They do not conduct electricity in the same way as steel strings and your sound will be very muted. Again, there are acoustic electric guitars specifically designed to amplify those types of strings and it would be good to look at those.

the other effect of putting different strings on a guitar, is that the neck may be designed for more tension than the strings can offer. Sometimes the action on the neck will be set too low, or the truss rod may need adjusting. Nylon strings are always going to be quieter than steel strings on a guitar that is designed for steel strings. Everything else can be overcome, but my best advice to you would be to buy a guitar that is set up specifically for your needs. You will be happier in the long run, and you be much more pleased with the range and adaptability of your guitar. Hope this helps.

Guitar tutorial Gibson ES 135 semi hollowbody thru Deville

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