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Harp Harmonica

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Harp Harmonica
why does my 4 hole draw on my harp/harmonica keep going out of tune?

it took months for it to go out the first time around. I just got a new reed for the harmonica because i screwed up trying to tune it and now a week later and the 4 hole draw on the new reed is off again. whats going on? playing too hard on the 4 or what?

First thing I'd do is check the comb to make sure there isn't some kind of flaw that is interfering with the reed plate and flattening the reed. If that checks out, I suspect you are playing really hard. Many people don't realize that reeds need to be broken in gently before you play them hard. They last much longer that way. Blow/draw over and over again gently. Gradual increase the force of the blow/draw. I spend about an hour doing this on all my new harps. What you are doing is fatiguing the metal so that it will give on a hard blow/draw without staying flat permanently.

I'm not a fan of customized harps myself. I personally feel they're a gear head ego stroke. Little Walter seemed to do fine with stock harps. But for players who play really hard, it may be a viable alternative. Customs generally have much less leakage, requiring much less force to get the same volume. Something you may want to consider.

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