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Handy Recorder

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Handy Recorder

When considering a product to buy, especially when there are so many variations of that product to choose from, I found out that one of the most important things to consider is whether it's user-friendly. The Zoom H2 Handy portable stereo recorded passes my standards when it comes to that with flying colors. It's packed with features, yes, but the first and foremost thing that led me to buy it was that it's not complicated to use, and it's very convenient since it's small enough to be put in the pocket.

The Zoom H2 uses 4 mini mic capsules for better recording quality. The four mics make it a hundred times more effective than two, which is the usual number in other recorders. With a push of a button, you easily get high quality recording. And who thought that something so small can accommodate up to 16GB of SD cards' worth or recording without slowing down the performance of the recorder.

Let me paint a picture on how awesome it works. Imagine a full band rehearsal in a studio. You simply put it in the middle of the room where the band will surround it. The 4 mics enable to capture perfectly and distinctly the sound of every instrument in the room, and will give you awesome high quality playback after your rocking performance. It's ultra handy, but it's mighty powerful. It's perfect for those people who need recording on the go like reporters, musicians, or people who are constantly attending seminars. The Zoom H2 Handy portable stereo recorder definitely lives up to its name and provides much more.

ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder

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