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Hand Held

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Hand Held

It was the only time the whole nation feared for the safety. Was any lapse in their security system? That some enemies of humanity succeeded in his plan, which became the biggest terrorist attack the world, ie 9 / 11. Thus, to prevent criminals as easy targets to get that we to scan each person for weapons and illegal items. Now many places around the country, including courts, schools, embassies, hospitals, power plants nuclear, warehouses, prisons, airports, prisons, local special events and more, are easy targets, who are on the terrorist hit list. Current scenario has made us feel the need to prevent their entry into these soft targets. Thus we can use the Proscan handheld metal scanner, which is excellent to screen people for weapons or illegal items.

Handheld metal scanners are designed to safeguard the security of sensitive areas, like our airports. Therefore, we must ensure the security of our airports and to prevent another 9 / 11 disaster. For this, we must increase security at airports. To this, each person must be scanned. This efficiency can be done by hand detectors.

Primarily used by security agencies in the only defense facilities, the hand-held metal detectors can also be used in other places and events such as night clubs. Nightclubs are always in need security. Any number of clients accessing a nightclub can be a knife or any object of inflicting injury to another. Thus, to ensure the safety of persons innocent, each individual must be scanned for illegal arms and ammunition with handheld scanners.

Football matches and other sporting events which consist of wild fans will do anything to prove his team is the best. Many times we have seen a game turned bloody. This could be arrested by scanning all audiences with handheld scanners. Gymnasiums, hospitals, and even birthday parties could raise safety with a metal detector hand.

Now days children have been able to access to firearms, knives and other harmful weapons have become a danger not only to themselves but to their classmates in schools. In addition, criminals attempt to bring weapons to government facilities, banks and retail stores. Thus, to ensure a safe environment for places that should go hand-held metal detectors. In this way we will be in a comfortable position to stop the evildoers entering such places.

Hand Held Metal scanners can also be used for recreational purposes. Searching for hidden metal items at the beach or even in the park. Hand Held Scanners are as accurate as X-rays in finding coins and other metallic objects swallowed by children. Hand Held Scanners are also used construction in order to find dangerous nails or other metal wastes in building materials. They could be used in conjunction with Walk-through scanners metal.

Hand Held Metal Detectors are available in two variants:

Proscan Hand Held Metal Detector

Pro-Scan Hand Held Security Scanner is designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical applications include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Pro-Scan hand scanner works in a 9-V alkaline or rechargeable battery. The presence of metal is indicated by an audio warning tone and a red light on. Proscan's sensitivity varies between the minimum 2.5 inch to a maximum of 11 inches.

Proscan-II Hand Held Metal Detector

Includes all the features of the handheld scanner Proscan metal with some additional features: easier to switch between high or low sensitivity. Reading area 20% larger, offering and an advantage over other security scanners

Hand Held Security Scanners are cheap and radiation free. Proscan scanners Hand made of light metal, but very sturdy. The need for Hand Held Scanners is as essential now as it ever was.

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Melancholy Chesterman (Held The Hand by Daniel Johnston)

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