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Guitar players!! Thoughts on the game Guitar Hero?

A recent Newsweek article asserts that the game dumbs down guitar-playing and leads many would-be's to believe that they too could go to the woodshed.

I got the game from an aunt. Its the kind of game a person would say "Hey, so-and-so plays guitar, I'll get them this". It's nothing compared to the real thing, but its good if you don't have a guitar readily available. I much prefer my old strat to the plastic controller anyday though. The buttons, since you have to press down directly on theml, are a bit closer to a guitar than I would have thought, but it's easy to become a 'lazy player' from playing the game more often than practising on your actual instrument. A good game for soemone who wants to 'simulate' the experience of playing a guitar, but I wouldn't suggest it for a serious player, or a substitute to practising.

Guitar Shorty at Kulak's Woodshed: Singer Songwriter Music

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