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Guitar Processor

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Guitar Processor
Is it economical to make a guitar amp by a processor and speakers or buy a cheap amp. I have a semi acoustic.?

i brought a new semi acoustic guitar(acoustic guitar with a electric port). Now I can buy a cheap guitar amp or i can buy a cheap guitar processor and use my old computer speakers. Which configuration will give a better sound and be more economical.

I'm not sure what a semi-acoustic is? Do you mean a semi-hollow body guitar? If so, then it's classified as an electric.

You asked which would give a better sound and be more economical. Unfortunately, this is an either/or situation. Better sound, economical, pick one!

For an electric guitar, the amp is an much a part of the sound as the guitar itself. I doubt that computer speakers (at least most of them) would give you a very satisfying experience. For low level playing, you're going to at least want an 8" speaker, preferaably a 10". For performance, at least two 10"s or a 12".

Save yourself the aggravation and get yourself a proper amp.

Greetings form Austin, TX


Boss ME-20 Guitar Multiple Effects processor

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