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Guitar Part

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Guitar Part

If you are absolutely new or simply thinking of learning to play guitar, chances are you do not know the names of either party or even a guitar the difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar. So let me start from the beginning to give explanations about the basics of the guitar easier.

First, there are two general types of 6-string guitars - the acoustic and electric.

Both guitars are 3 main parts: the head, neck and body.

The acoustic guitar has a hollow body with usually a round hole just below the strings. A few acoustic guitars have "f" shaped holes the same as the "f" holes on a violin.

The guitar usually has a solid body choose one to three "-ups" in the body under the strings. They are designed to be connected to an amplifier.

The head of the guitar has six tuners. This is what you make to get guitar on the song. There may be three tuners on one side and three on the other or all six tuners on one side. Some electric guitars also have guides metal in the head. These are called "string of trees."

The next part of the guitar is called the neck. This is where your fingers to place The nut is the piece of plastic or other material that is where the head ends of the guitar and the neck begins. It runs the width of the neck.

The back of the neck is where the thumb is placed. The front of the neck, where you place your fingertips is called either the pitch or the pitch. Both names are correct. The frets are the very thin pieces of steel that runs the width of the neck. You will notice that the pitch is between 20 to 24 dishes, depending on the style and make the guitar.

In addition, all guitars except for very cheap with a steel rod called through truss rod inside the neck. It is not visible. This bar truss allows a technician to adjust the string height by adjusting or removing the curve in the neck.

Finally, the points are on the fingerboard and on the edge of the neck are called placeholders. This is so the player knows that any fret is at a glance.

The third part of the guitar is the body. Already that was mentioned earlier, the guitar can be acoustic or electric.

The body of the acoustic guitar is the top board, also known as a sounding board, sides and back. Inexpensive guitars have a laminated soundboard, sides and back.

Laminated means that it is plywood. For a beginner this is fine provided the guitar strings are easy to press.

As guitars get more expensive the top board is solid (usually spruce or cedar). In expensive guitars, the top, sides and back are all solid woods. Solid woods give a richer tone.

The final part of the body is where the strings attach. This is known as the bridge. Chains into a hole in the bride and held in place with pins that resemble the bridge six round buttons. As the chains place outside the body that normally cross a fine white piece of plastic or other material we know as the chair.

The body of the electric guitar is usually solid wood, although they are semi-acoustic and full acoustic guitar. There are a number of different ways the body. Also a number of different combinations of wood and wood used for building organs.

Instead of a hole electric guitar sound has pick-ups. These are rectangular in shape and sits below the strings. Electric guitars have a switch to activate the different pickups in and out of what is going to change the guitar sound when connected to an amplifier. There are also volume and tone controls as well.

The final part of the electric guitar is the bridge. Again, this is where the chains to set the body of the guitar. A number of different designs of electric guitar bridges.

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