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Guitar Package

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Guitar Package

If you want a satisfying life long activity to learn then you should try the guitar. The are a number of ways that learners will have gotten their start; some begin by getting a basic lesson from a friend. Others get inspired to play when they see a famous rock star ripping out some blazing riffs on the MTV channel.
You could be forgiven for wondering how to get started, when there are so many choices and genres to choose from. Some people recommend learning to site read, whilst others tell you just to learn guitar songs and forget about the theory. Both approaches can help your playing, and it really depends on what works best for you.
After some of my concerts, I have been approached many times by people wanting to learn how to play the guitar. Because of my experience I can empathize with the questions that many new guitarists ask:
•What kind of guitar to get?
•Why does my guitar sound terrible?
•How do I get the best audio sound?
•What kind of things should I learn on the guitar to get good quickly?
In my "Killa Guitar Package," I included the Guitarist Mindset Guide (in PDF) and other guitar tools that are designed to aid novice and intermediate guitarists in learning faster. The greatest thing about this grouping is the totally 100% free offer.
Bear in the mind that this package is not a course. Here is the collection of necessary tools. It will help you to speed up your progress in learning to play guitar. The tools will enable to you get the fret positions for any scale in existence, record solos and complex guitar tunes to slow them down, a computer based tuner, a Guitar Pro Tablature Reader, and a basic effects processor for those who want to emulate electric guitar effects without investing money in an actual unit.
However, this is just the first step. My newsletter can help you with some basics of guitar playing without your feeling overwhemned. Upon completing these guitar lessons you can do lots of useful things like solos, making chords using harmonic theory, and playing by ear. Once you combine all of these skills, you'll be a competent guitar player.
I also give away a complete video series on how to set up your guitar properly, including adjusting the neck, the guitar nut, bridge, intonation, and also how to restring. (There is a seldomly used, simple trick to improve both the tone and tuning of your guitar).
Use the advice that I have given you, download the guitar package, and you will be a skillful guitar player very quickly. You will also get my honest opinion on various products on the market today and whether I think they are worth your time.Head over to GuitarPlayLearn.com and get your free learn how to play the guitar package today. Then we can send you our private link to get the package. View the included video for a breakdown of the package contents.

Guitar Month Package (April 2009)

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