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guitar hand position

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guitar hand position
Right hand position when playing guitar?

Are you suppose to put part of your hand on the bridge when playing electric guitar or not?
Whats the right way to position your right hand?
Do I have any part of my right arm resting on the guitar if I don't mute?

Hi K

The correct technique for picking is to play with the same technique as if you were strumming.
The hand usually doesn't rest on the guitar. Many guitarist rest their palm on the bridge but when they come to play acoustic, they hardly can't.
Basically, your hand as to float slightly. The best example of what I am saying is to watch the classical guitar players. Their hand floats and only the arm is resting on the guitar.
For acoustic and electric, your fingers may tend to slightly touch the pickguard which is normal.

It's a matter of taste.... here is a good link
You can check the right and left hand position.


An important thing about the picking hand is that it is as relaxed as possible without fear of dropping the pick.


How to Easily Position Your Fret Hand on a Guitar

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