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Guitar Gold

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Guitar Gold

It is a momentous occasion in China; countries all over the world have sent their finest athletes to compete for a chance to win the gold, silver or bronze medals respectively. It is unfortunate that guitarists are not competing, if they were, what medal would you get?

Of course not every guitarist would make it, just like not all the athletes have made it, and not all that are there will win medals. It is harsh, but it is reality too; which brings me to my point, the connection between the Olympics, athletes and guitar players.

Connection between Olympics and Learning Guitar

The Olympics are held every four years, in different countries. The lucky few countries in the world get turns in hosting the Olympics. At the same time all the athletes that compete at the games go through some pretty serious training and conditioning (just like guitar players that practice guitar passionately, which every guitarist should do).

Athletes at this Year's Olympics

As crazy as this may sound, I got an idea of how I could put my lovely point across to my wonderful readers. Let me tell you about these two women athletes, Dawn Harper and Lolo Jones both US gold medal finalists in the women's 100m hurdles.

Lolo Jones

Lolo was the favorite to win, and she almost did, that was before she hit the 9th hurdle with her left foot and lost momentum. This gave the other runners, dawn especially, a chance to ooze right on past her and shuttering her dreams of a gold, silver or bronze medal.

Despite all this, Lolo kept fighting until the bitter end, she did not give up. She knew she was not going to win, but she still kept going nevertheless.

Dawn Harper

Dawn was following in the footsteps (as I like to put it), of Lolo's. As soon as her counterpart lost control she swept in and took the day winning the women's 100m hurdle dash. Was it luck on Dawns part or was it perseverance?

She was then asked after the race what was going on through her mind and she said something about focusing on herself and not the other runners. This not only helped her scoop gold but it also helped her stay focused long enough to notice an opening for the taking.

So what, I am a guitar player!

Even so, as a guitar player you will be surprised what you can learn from these two athletes. From Lolo we can learn that giving up is not an option no matter what the out come maybe. The most important thing is to finish the race.

Then from Dawn we learn that even though you are not the best at something, determination is the key to success, as you will never know when a door might swing open letting you in for victory.

What can we learn from the two Athletes?

Never focus on those better than you at playing the guitar, rather use them for motivation as you may not know when they might hand you the key to success. Above all, never ever leave home without your determination and never ever give up, no matter what; guitar playing is a race just like any other.

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