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guitar deals

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guitar deals
Guitar deals?

What are some good deals on a guitar and amp

I've played, taught, and horsetraded guitars on the side, so here's my 2 cents-

I'm assuming that you're a beginner-if you don't like what you hear,and you don't like how it feels in your hands, it's a lousy deal no matter what you paid for it. There are plenty of beginner packs out there- Fender, Ibanez, etc- go to the music store and play-even if you only know a major scale and the opening riff to "Smoke on the Water",listen to the guitar and the amp- don't be afraid to try more than one, and don't let the sales people hound you. I'd also suggest getting someone who can play, and letting them play your choices so you can listen. The best time to go to someplace like guitar center is on the last day of the month- the sales crew is usually trying to nail down their sales quotas-if you find something you like, show some cash-you can usually get them to knock off 10%, maybe even 20% if you can point out a small ding on a floor model(always push for new strings on a demo guitar).Try www.craigslist.org for your area-someone's always trying to get rid of a beginner pack that they didn't get very far with.

Good Luck,

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