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Guitar Customisers... Where To Get Telecaster 4-way Switches?

I want to get a 4-way telecaster switch but they are about £12-£15 on ebay and other web stores.

I think its expensive because im looking for a specialist item, "telecaster 4-way switch"... if i could search for a generic name for the switch like from an electronics store i could maybe get it as a cheaper component.

I suppose my ultimate question is where can i get a generic tele 4-way switch cheaply (in UK)?

Unfortunately it is a specialist item and thus expensive. It is specially built for function and fit.

Stores such as Maplins sell generic switches, but none will match the functions of the Tele 4 way. You would also have problems with size and fit with a generic switch, even if you found one with the correct function.

http://www.fake58.co.uk do them for £9.50 and given that a generic that would not fit would probably be around a fiver anyway, I think you are better off getting the proper switch.

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