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guitar center
guitar center?

The guitar center employee pissed me off?
yeah i've went in there the opast few weeks to try the guitars,and i don't turn up loud,but why waould he freaking stare at me?I called to voice a comp-laint and they said that you can try the guitars for as long as you want(another guy also said that when i was in there before i called to get mad).I'm a good player(have good chops)so it's not like i sucked,but i'm wondering what his problem is?

You've been told before - may be you're NOT quite as good as you think you are (I love this nonsense about 'chops'!) and may be THEY'RE SICK AND TIRED OF THE SIGHT (AND SOUND) OF YOU IN THEIR SHOP. Stick to the gym +-+

Fuck Guitar Center

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