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guitar bridges
Guitar Bridges??

ok im gonna get a new guitar but i really don't know what is a good bridge other then floyd rose. can someone please list some good ones. on the guitar i want it has a FAT 10 Tremolo if anyone know if thats good please tell me thank you.

Your bridge is largely dictated by the style of music you'll mostly find yourself playing.

If you want full on metal you'll be looking for a Floyd Rose. There are other systems available but the F L is easily the most popular. Problem is that the FL design is licensed to different manufacturers who each have different production values. This results in widely varying qualities of what would appear to be the same thing.

FL's are, it has to be said, a pain in the neck to maintain. Changing strings and tuning can be a challenge for those new to them. They're also surprisingly intricate and there is a lot to go wrong with them. That said, they are a good choice for a guitar that is going to be well maintained.

If you are going for an Ibanez GRX series, it will come with a Fat 10 trem fitted. They're single locking and do the job well.

Check out some Kahler stuff - used them for years; very happy.

John Frusciante - Guitar Lessons

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