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Glen Burton

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Glen Burton

I'm a 33yr old male who's been dealing with acne and ingrown hairs ever since I could remember. I went through being told it was only during my teen years and puberty, but here I was; thirty and still getting unwelcome face-guest every so often. In addition to that, I had to deal with ingrown hairs that felt like needles in my face and didn't boost my self-esteem at all.

Was it my eating habits, the type of face wash I used, or did I just have bad skin? I tried making sure I drank my daily 64oz of water (something we should do regardless) and didn't touch my face throughout the day. In the meanwhile, I continued using every face wash, astringent, and acne cream throughout the entire skin-care isle. That worked here and there, but I still had them just as bad a few days later. After a few years, I noticed the cycles and found a way to fight back. Remember your skin is an organ and responds to stress, bacteria, and temperature.

1. Before you wash your face, exercise your pores. Use a very warm washcloth, rest it on your face and relax as you feel your pores open up to the heat. Repeat the process.

2. Use the warmest water you can tolerate, a face wash that you're comfortable with and wash thoroughly.

3. When you rinse the lather off your face, switch to cold water. This will shock your pores and get them more relaxed to open, close, and not be as susceptible to bacteria or dirt blocking them.

4. Always use a clean towel to pat your face dry. If you don't have a clean towel every day, use a paper towel.

5. Vinegar is very good for clearing away anything washing your face may have missed. Depending on your skin type or dermatologist recommendations, you can start with a 2-part water 1-part vinegar mix and gently wipe your face with an astringent wipe. The smell took getting use to, but ultimately continues to work for me.

The cystic pimples are the worse. They feel like a rogue mump the first day or two (even though they can't really be seen), then they get a little smaller in circumference and harden. The thing is; it seems like it can't be stopped since there's no blackhead to squeeze out and a whitehead is a couple of days away.

1. As soon as you feel one coming on (usually when you happen to press somewhere on your face during washing it or whatever), you have a couple of options. If you're a little late in discovering it, remember that "cold" stops swelling. Treat that oncoming cystic-pimple like a sprained ankle and put an ice cube in a latex glove or hold it in a paper towel (I learned ice turns to cold water that doesn't feel good dripping all over me when I used the paper towel) on the pimple for as long as you can stand and take a rest to do it again through a cube or two.

2. That seriously slows the process and sometimes, if caught early enough, sends the pimple into retreat to try again another day. If not, I resort to using my time when home, including overnight, to dab my acne cream (they all work the same) directly over the area. Within a day or overnight, you'll notice it to go away before full maturity.

Besides that, be sure to wipe your face with a clean cloth throughout the day to clear away that oily, dirt buildup and continue the face washing routine two to three times a day. You'll notice an increasing difference in the feel and look of your face. Visualize your skin clearing during these practices and it will.

These methods should be discussed with your dermatologist or doctor before attempting since we all have different reactions to various treatments. This article is for information purposes only and I strongly suggest seeking consultation for this and more severe cases of acne.

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