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giannini brass

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giannini brass

Since the long-term relationships in the double G, I feel a little annoying high-end fashion. I always wonder what the vintage, and what is fashion? This is the copy rule intelligent building or conservation? As the real Gucci fan, I hope and expect much time a handbag will accentuate your eyes. Until Irina Gucci bag fate.

Its bright, quality of crocodile leather, brass parts witty and heart-shaped Ridge all declare that the king is divine in fashion this season. It's Gucci! Sophisticated and adventurous, luxurious, but relaxed, classic plays and optimistic soul Irina Gucci. On the surface, there are eight accessory heart clear, coherent the characteristics of Gucci in 2009. Since starting to benefit UNICEF Gucci, Frida Giannini designs of Gucci in the heart tend to offer people to pay more attention-Saharan Africa careful fashion.

Irina breathes its functionality bohemian golden brass hardware. Whatever the design of a shoulder, opening the top, or a large ring, a large quantity of nails injected imaginary exotic decor. Measuring 15.4 in length, 4.7 inches wide and 13 inches tall, such as the environment, is versatile to carry your personal items for daily use and weekend travel. White, turquoise, black and sand are available throughout the Gucci website.

In the summer ahead, have a light Gucci Irina, bring sunscreen, sunglasses, cosmetics, umbrella, and the books in Call your friends go shopping or go to the beach to enjoy sun and sea, because Irina is a stylish and functional clothes. If you are a collector, Gucci, If there is Irina his closet. Must be a vintage handbag replicated by others, and on top of some fashion lovers past carries a sentimental inclination.

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