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Folding Music Gear

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Folding Music Gear

Although I enjoy camping holidays there is one aspect of them that never fails to bug me. The thing that I really hate is the standard of toilet facilities that are provided at camp sites.

Taking an objective look at the situation, I have to say that it's not just camp sites that are to blame. I've encountered similar problems when attending music festivals and other such large gatherings.

The problem is that many festivals hire temporary toilets for the duration of the event. These facilities presumably arrive looking nice and clean, but it's not long before they descend into a state that is frankly dreadful.

So how about bathrooms at camp sites? Although these are generally permanent structures, it never seems as though the hygiene standards are quite up to scratch. That must, I've always felt, be a better way of dealing with this issue.

One solution that had been mentioned to me was that I could actually take my own toilet along with me the next time that I went camping. This sounded like a pretty crazy idea.

After carrying out a quick internet search I realised that it wasn't quite so odd as it first seemed. There were a number of portable camping loos available in the UK.

Deciding which product to buy wasn't easy. After all, I'd never tried using one before, so I wasn't really sure what I should be looking for.

I opted to buy one of the new breed of folding camping toilets. I was attracted by the fact that it was compact and portable, meaning that I could put it in the back of my car nice and easily.

It was also environmentally friendly, requiring no water supply or chemicals. This appealed - half of the fun in camping trips is feeling at one with nature - it seemed right that an aim should be to protect the environment.

I ordered online and received my new toilet within a few days. I'm pleased to report that it's been a great purchase.

No more nasty camping toilet experiences for me!

NAMM 2009 Day 2

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