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Foam Cover Audio

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Foam Cover Audio

Are you in search of some mattress that has the ability to lessen muscle and joint pressure and reduce the discomfort and stiffness? If yes! Then answer to all of your problems is visco elastic foam mattress. Visco elastic foam mattress toppers are generally used for mattress covers and pillows. The best feature of this mattress is that it adopts itself to the contours and size of the body. It eases up pressure points that are more susceptible to aches and pains.

Originally these visco elastic foam also termed memory foam were put to use by clinics and hospitals. The impressive success of these mattresses have made them so demanding that millions of people now have them at their residences.

The principal manufacturer and distributor of these mattresses is Tempur-Pedic. They advertise that visco mattresses aid the person to rest better by aligning the vertebrate and correcting the posture.

The only drawback of these mattresses is they produce excessive heat from the body of the user. New technologies have been invented to take care of this concern. The advanced technology involves piercing a set of channels into the mattress. This reduces the overall body heat problem.

The covers of these foams are designed by streaming the fluid shape of the foam into molds. This process sometimes results in the inconsistency in the density of the foam. The foam may become denser and thicker near the bottom, thus does not remain fit for selling.

Continual advancement is still being done in the technology for the production of visco elastic foam mattress.

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