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Floyd Rose Lic

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Floyd Rose Lic

Everyone over 40 knows about Route 66 and there are some kids who know its story, too, if they are fans of the Pixar movie "Cars." Route 66 was one of the original federal routes; it opened in the 1920's and ran from Chicago to Los Angeles, over 2,400 miles. In the years of the Depression and the Dust Bowl, businesses along Route 66 were among the few that prospered, kept alive and busy even, by the constant flow of traffic from the East to the West.

Joseph's Bar & Grill, Santa Rosa, NM wasn't one of those businesses, but it has ties now to one that was. That business was the Club Café, opened in 1935 by Phillip Craig and Floyd Shaw. The restaurant was topped by a sign with the visage known as the Fat Man. His jovial, smiling face greeted the thousands of travelers passing through Santa Rosa to get to California. The Club Café remained open until 1991, when it served its last meal. It survived through the hard times, times marked by the opening of the cross-country interstates. Even though New Mexico fought hard to protect its businesses along the infamous route, Interstate 40 eventually bypassed them all, including The Club Café. You can still see the Fat Man, though, as he was rescued by the owners of Joseph's Bar & Grill, Santa Rosa, NM.

Originally the owners wanted to rescue and resuscitate the entire Club Café, but that was not to be, the building was in such bad shape it just wasn't possible. Joseph and Christina Campos were able to save the Fat Man, however, and safely ensconced his happy face on their restaurant, Joseph's Bar & Grill, Santa Rosa, NM. The restaurant had originally belonged to Joseph's father, Jose Campos, Sr. The elder Campos had opened his restaurant, La Fiesta, back in 1956 and handed it down to his son in 1985. Route 66 had an official name change by then and was now known as Historic Route 66, a National Scenic Byway.

Joseph's Bar & Grill, Santa Rosa, NM is just one landmark on this famous historic highway. Route 66 is labeled a scenic byway in New Mexico and there are groups that are working to preserve its history and some of its more colorful landmarks. Santa Rosa itself is on a piece of the byway that is getting a little rough, but it is still a great slice of Americana. If you have chosen to take the Mother Road instead of the interstate, Santa Rosa is the town where you should stop to refuel both your vehicle and your body.

Of course, you can get a great meal at Joseph's Bar & Grill, Santa Rosa, NM where the locals dine. The choices are varied, mostly American fare with some Southwestern specialties, too. Chilies, guacamole and burgers that are big and juicy are popular with tourists and locals alike. The décor is all about the Mother Road, with license plates, advertisements and road signs posted all around that tell the story of Route 66.

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