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Fender Guitar

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Fender Guitar
What can I do with my Fender guitar amp if you have higher voltage than is required?

My Fender guitar amplifier requires 110 volts and have 220volts provided. Therefore, it is not working. What should I do now?

Hello, Abeer! Chances are you have burned power transformer, unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive parts on the amplifier! It is remotely possible that just blew a fuse, but even so, the transformer coils may have been affected yet. If you have a tube amplifier, an external fuse should have access that can be easily replaced, for check function. If this is a solid state model, you must remove the chassis to access the internal fuse. If you do it yourself, do not go poking around in the inside the circuit, even outside, the capacitors can store a charge for a long time, and you can get shocked! My recommendation would be carefully Review fuses, and if his replacement does not wake up the unit, take it to a Fender service center (see http://www.fender.com/support/service_centers/) and it repaired. Best regards, Dana

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