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Fender American Deluxe

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Fender American Deluxe
Fender American Deluxe Bridge vs. Fender Mexican Standard Bridge?

I have a Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster. I am planning to change the full bridge assembly to a Fender American Deluxe bridge. My question is would it work? The Mexican bridge has 6 pivot screws and the American Deluxe bridge only has 2. Please respond only if you know for sure.

Thank you.

Hello! Since you only wanted answers from people that know for sure (apparently there are not too many out there, judging by the lack of responses), I have to state that I have not personally made this modification! Nonetheless, I can advise you with relative certainty that your MIM Stratocaster has the typical 2 1/16-inch string spacing, which would be compatible with the American Deluxe Bridge. Of course, you will definitely need to dowel the holes (do not just fill them with wood putty) left by your existing bridge to allow for the new two-point fulcrum screw retainers. If done correctly, the new bridge assembly will hide most of the evidence of the previously-installed six-point mounting locations. In my opinion, you would be much better off with a Wilkinson replacement bridge (see http://www.axesrus.com/axehardware.htm and http://www.jhs.co.uk/wilkinson.html for examples), leaving the six-point arrangement in place. I am a big fan of the deluxe bridge (pop-in arm, solid steel saddles, two-point fulcrum system), having upgraded both my American Standards with that arrangement; however, when it came to my 1957 Re-Issue (with the six-point bridge), I elected to use the Wilkinson WVP6SBCR (2 7/32-inch string spacing) and have been very satisfied with the improved stability and smoothness of operation. Final thoughts: yes, the American Deluxe bridge will work; but no, it is not the best choice for your application! Best regards, Dana

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