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f guitar
Having trouble with the F+ guitar chord...does anyone have any tips?

My hands and fingers are too small to correctly play the F major guitar chord. Does anyone know of a simpler method of playing this chord, maybe with just a few strings? Much appreciated!

You can play a modified version of the shord by simply placing your fingers on the following strings:

1st Finger, Sixth string, First fret

2nd Finger, 2nd String, First Fret

3rd Finger, 3rd String, Second Fret

4rth Finger, 4th Finger, Third Fret

Do not play the first or fifth strings. It should be relatively easy to mute the fifth string with either the first or fourth finger. If you lean the first finger over just a tiny bit, it should mute the first string as well.


1rst Finger, sixth string - 1st fret

2nd Finger, 1st string - 1st fret

3rd finger, 2nd string - 1st fret

4th finger, 3rd string - 2nd fret

do not play the fourth and fifth strings

There are lots of other variations. Any good chord book should show them to you. Hope this helps.

By the way, The F+ chord is an F chord with a raised fifth.

F - A - C#

I believe what you are asking for is an F major chord

F - A - C

If I am wrong, I apologize

An F Major Chord is listed as

F or Fmaj (or sometimes FMAJ)

Just wanted to make sure the terminology was right.

BC-161 • The Dreaded F Chord (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

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