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Electric Bass Strings

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Electric Bass Strings

The double bass used to be the instrument that kept the beat in the band. But that changed in the middle of the twentieth century when electricity took over everybody's job. They still use acoustic instruments in classical orchestras but rock and roll came on the scene at the same time as modern art and labor saving devices. Modern music joined modern art in the search for new ways to express feelings. A whole family of electric guitars had arrived on the doorstep of the music loving public and we invited them in to stay.

Just in case you don't listen too closely to music, the bass guitar gives the music those heavy, low notes. You'll find them in jazz, blues, pop, latin. There isn't a modern musical genre where you won't find bass lines churned out by the electric bass guitar. Every musical style has its own way of interpreting bass lines.

Sometimes a guy will take up the guitar, learn some rock and some blues. He'll learn the minor pentatonic scale, buy some guitar effects and see how they sound. Then he tries bass guitar. A guitar player who decides to learn to play bass is often a guy who wants to get a good grounding in music. He wants to learn all aspects of playing. Once a guitar player has played a little bass he will have a better understanding of what he's doing in a band.

Of course, a bass guitar looks a lot like a regular electric guitar. It might even have the same number of strings but mostly it has four. The strings on a four string bass play the notes E A D G, the same as a regular guitar but an octave lower. You can play a regular electric guitar without an amplifier and it will still sound somewhat like a guitar. If you don't plug your bass guitar in it won't sound like much. If you can read music you will notice that the bass lines are written in the bass clef only one octave higher than the notes it actually makes.

If you can already play an electric guitar and you want to learn bass you have a start already but only time will tell how good you are going to be at being a bass player in a band. Your talents could lie in the direction of lead or rhythm playing, but if you give bass guitar playing a try, you will not be worse off for the experience.

Extend the Life of Electric Bass Strings

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