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edirol mixers

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edirol mixers
Can I connect a mixer with multiple inputs(microphones) in my Edirol UA-3FX?

I use this old Edirol to record my music and I would like to be able to record more than 1 track at a time (like having 2 or 3 mics recording my Drums and being able to calibrate them individually). I was wondering if I could just buy a normal mixer with multiple inputs, plug in my mics, and then plug the mixer in my Edirol to go to the computer. Will Edirol join my signals? or will I be able to see all the separate tracks on my computer? I'm using Garage band.

No, the Edirol will get a SINGLE signal from the mixer, you will have to get the right mix before recording, you won't be able to mix it afterwards. I think you can do something with the CuBase interface which will send different inputs to different tracks, but without going down the track of expensive multi-track recording equipment (computers are NOT the best at this...) you are really stuck with one track at a time...
I have done one track at a time using free software (AUDACITY) and made a guide here:
(follow the link to 'multi-track recording') you can ignore the first page which talks about using a conventional condenser mic...

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