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eden diet

One day I came across a volume of handbags called "raw vegetable juice" by NW Walker. Dr. Walker was an extraordinary man, who pioneered the turn of the century, a juicer (yet to be sold today) and indeed the whole concept of extracting juice from vegetables and fruits. Thus, he sought "essence" and a residual pulp (mainly cellulose), and reducing the energy required to digest food. This would allow the agency to get all the vitamins and minerals rich need health and vitality.

Walker also made a thorough study of the effects of these fluids in the bodies sick people. He noted that food enzymes, which are complex substances that help us digest food properly, they are hidden in plants and are released through the method of extraction of juice in abundance.

The method of juice, and vegetable foods they eat mainly raw (uncooked, in the state) was extended with many Americans in the '60s and '70s, soon after, the influence of Great Britain and Western Europe, and claims of all types of healing benefits are immediately apparent.

I will spare you a description more detailed analysis of everything that Dr. Walker has found. You may obtain written by a Google search on the Internet, or through Amazon.

As a Christian and a firm believer in the power of God to heal naturally I asked for prayers for my friends and church family. I also decided to juice therapy trial, as well as me.

I stopped eating an almost entirely cooked food, the usual "meat and two vegetables." British food plan, and presented my sick body several liters of carrot juice a day, along with green leaf lettuce, tomato, celery, peppers, cucumber variety, and so on.

All these foods are rich in nutritious substances, materials, began to improve my health dramatically and very quickly too. The pain began to subside, and my energy level soared. At no time take any drugs, painkillers or something of that ilk.

At 5 weeks, all pain had disappeared long ago and my prostate problem was history. Other benefits such as clearer skin, shiny hair and a better quality of sleep were delightful unexpected bonus!

I was impressed with the result! From that moment (25 years ago now I'm writing), I decided substantially in a lifestyle of 70 percent raw foods.

My general health status is good, and my appearance, I say, is that of a man 10 years younger than my actual age.

I thank God, I really think that brought me to the understanding and practice of power that could truly be called the "original". You can find the first book of the Bible, Genesis (which means "the beginning"), where Adam and Eve: the power is "... the grass fields and fruit. Nothing cooked, the meat animal.

So that is my brief testimony. Today write a lot of conferences on the whole subject of raw foods and healthy living in many online magazines, and on my blog. To get my e-book, click Only open the link.

While health!

Head Waters 1,000 mile diet in Eden Mills

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