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Dynamic Microphone

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Dynamic Microphone
Can I use the DS-9 Distortion Pedal BOSS as a pre-amplifier for a dynamic microphone on my PC?

I understand that my microphone impedance dynamic is not enough to connect directly to my sound card in my PC for recording. So how can I increase the signal level? I I could use a distortion pedal as a pre-amplifier, but do not know the levels. Are there any other low-cost method to get my sound on my computer?

inconsistencies that will be the biggest problem here, worse than the distortion that will give you. you can buy cheap behringer microphone preamps by less than $ 100 to get the signal to light line. microphones do not work properly in a sign of imbalance. that must have an XLR input for receiving the signal to balanced at all clear. If you would try a better quality of Mackie. mixer isn't good for those guys versus bad things that sound. good luck

Electro Voice Raven Dynamic Microphone @ FrontEndAudio.com

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