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Dunlop Crybaby

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Dunlop Crybaby
dunlop crybaby?

so im getting a dunlop crybaby the original 70 dollar one for my birthday present
and i dont want to get the power adapter for it cus i got an extra one i can use, but the extra one is a psa120 boss power adapter
and i was wondering if itll work, and if it wont damage my crybaby pedal or the adapter.

so can i use the psa120 boss poweradapter for the dunlop original cry baby pedal?

It may work if the plug end is the same and provided that it has the correct out put which I believe is 9 volt. If it doesn't work for you, just use a 9 volt battery in the unit and it will work fine. Just make sure when you are done playing, you take out the jack on the input side and it will basically cut the power and save your battery. Hope that helps you.

Jim Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby Wah Demo

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