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Duncan Antiquity

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Duncan Antiquity
seymour duncan pickups?

im in the procss of buying new pickups for a humbucker single humbucker routed guitar.

i want a seymour duncan distortion humbucker for the bridge and a seymour duncan antiquity humbucker for the neck but i can decide if the li'l screamin' deamon bridge or li'l 59er bridge will sound better in the middle.

please help.

open to other pickup suggestions.
HSH remember.
and i am not putting anything but the antiquity in the neck sorry.

i play some hardcore/screamo/punk

-the aka's (are everywhere)
-bullet for my valentine.

(i do not want to go active pickups)

I know you just said that you dont want active pick ups but EMGs sound great with that style of music........they arent hard to install either..................they do have passive emgs also( no batteries)............or get dimarzo super distortion........

Seymour Duncan Antiquity p/u demo

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