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Dual Keyboard

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Dual Keyboard

How to set up a Dual-Screen workstation with an additional computer.
What we try to achieve: connect a laptop or another computer to an existing computer and have the ability to control both computers with a single mouse and keyboard. (Without any hardware, but over the network)

If you have another laptop or a pc computer sitting around and is wondering how you can connect the two computers and use each computers' own processing power individually to multi task and speedup your working environment, there is a very easier way to accomplish this dream of yours. In today's blog post I will cover all the possible ways to achieve this.

If you do have a dual display supported video card, what you will be doing is using a single PC and spread out the processing power between activities and expanding the working area horizontally, with the use of an additional screen. But what we are trying to do is take advantage of two separate high speed computers and use their individual processing power separating while having the capability to control them with single input devices and eventually setting up a DUAL-Screen workstation.

Option 1: Maxivista.com
The program available on the site is non freeware software and has all the capabilities we are interested in, dual screen, single control, and mirror screening, all the functions done over the network. So if you want to pay some extra bucks for few more extra features, this is your best bet.

Options 2: vnc programs
You can use win2VNC and a VNC program such as ultraVNC, RealVNC, or TightVNC to accomplish the single input control feature.
Links: http://fredrik.hubbe.net/Win2VNC.exe - win2VNC
Instructions for usage: you will have to install win2vnc on the computer that you wish to have the control and a VNC program on the other computer which you are going to be controlling using the other computers' input devices. Both computers have to be connected to internet and relevant IP address will be shown after the program in run, which later will be needed in connecting each other.

- Share input devices (Mouse, keyboard) to control both computers and clipboards.
- Use each computers' own processing power to perform tasks, yet both are connected together to allow single control.
- Dual monitor setup/workstation

- Most of the VNC programs I tried excluding maxivista do not allow mouse scrolling function on the controlled computer, but only on the controlling (main/server) computer.
- Even though both computers seemed connected, you are only controlling the computers, thus no applications or windows can be shared. This is what you have to really understand, each run on its own.
- You can not transfer files between two computers using these VNC programs although you can use other file transfer programs such as teamviwer etc. to connect the computers and transfer files.

Option 3: using hard ware gadgets.

FYI: This feature is knows as FVM which stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse control. Mostly used for controlling several servers with a single mouse, keyboard and a monitor.

To read more about computer connectivity over network and using hardware, visit http://ashpresent.blogspot.com

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