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Drum Samples

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Drum Samples

Drum beats and ultra low bass line loops can evoke fear, terror, and tension in the viewer.  Some film makers use such these dark sounds to heighten the suspense of scenes to bring the audience to new levels of suspended reality.  You can also utilize drum and bass samples to score your indie horror films or shorts.  Such DnB Samples, loops and sound effects can make your film creations and soundtracks truly terrifying.  In fact, choose the right sounds and you can elevate your horror films to new levels of realism. 

Horror and suspenseful drum and bass samples can produce unpleasant and totally terrifying sound effects.  That is why such DnB Samples are the most favourite sound effects of suspense and thriller film creators, horror indie artists, ambient scorers, and other dark music enthusiasts.  A typical drum and bass sample pack consists of a complete collection of drum loops that are formatted in WAV.  They can be opened using different audio software applications.  For example, the WAV files on a drum and bass samples pack can be opened using Acid Pro, Cubase, Logic, and many other sequencers, on both Mac and PC operating systems. 

You can now download Drum and Bass samples packs on ProducerLoops.Com.  Drum and bass samples and loops are not only useful for horror and suspense film scoring.  They can also be used to provide sound and music effects to computer games.  So if you are dabbling in games development, you can use DnB Samples to score the action scenes of your game.  You can also apply such sounds to your own project so it can become competitive when you release it onto the market.  Dark Ambient sounds can also be useful if you are creating an online portal for gamers who want dark and terrifying soundtracks to play along to.

If you purchase a drum and bass samples pack from ProducerLoops, you woud be advised to listen to the MP3 demo first, as this plays a preview example of what you could create, using the contents.

Making realistic hardcore drums. Part 1. Prepare kick drum samples.

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