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Drum Dvd

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Drum Dvd

The old cliche goes, "Practice makes perfect." Students are often told to practice more often to master their craft. However, study shows it is more important how one practices. Experts say that what matters is the quality of practicing. It is not a question of how often or how many times you practice. What is important addresses how you practice.

The human body needs to cultivate what is known as muscular memory. The memory allows the body to perform patterns of motion with little or no conscious involvement. Playing drums is a pattern of motion developed through cultivated muscle memory. Motions like walking, typing or riding a bike need little or no conscious involvement when these activities are done through cultivated memory.

If you will notice a great drummer engage in music, his motions that may include footwork and head banging are instinctive. You may even describe these movements as coming from within his musicality and artistry. In truth, it is the drummer's improved memory of the muscle that allows the patterns of motion.

How do you develop your memory? You need to practice motions slowly. In order to improve the muscular memory, the muscles need to be molded in the form of repeated conscious guidance from the mind. The mind must learn the pattern. Then the mind trains the muscles the patterns.

The mind initially controls all the motions of the muscles. The more controlled and accurate the motions, the more quickly the muscles will cultivate muscle memory. Practicing motions slowly lets the mind train muscles to relax. There are muscles that move in opposite directions. By relaxing these muscles, you can lessen the tension and facilitate faster and easier performance.

Compared to private lessons, learning to master drums through DVD is a better option when you practice motions slowly. Drum lessons DVD's allow you to set your own pace. And you have the chance to play them as many times as you need them.

Go and strengthen your muscle memory. Learn and master drums effectively.


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